Writing Self-Challenge: 2 weeks of HELL

Every once in a while I get a bit manic and overconfident and give myself a challenge to complete in an effort to “fix” my life/trajectory.

This should not be news to any creative types out there I think a lot of us do this on different levels. This time however I’ve bitten off entirely more than I can chew.

My debut novel The Root is due out on June 7th. The MS for the second in the trilogy The Tree is due in July. I’ve been working on it and other novels piecemeal throughout the last few months but the time has come to really focus on concentrate on working on the second novel.

However, there’s this YA novel (tentative title: Deader Suburb Blues or DSB for short) I’ve been working on, that’s sort of a zombie detective novel mixed with gov’t conspiracy and surveillance state/reality show stuff.

And I want to finish it before I focus all my attention on THE TREE. So I’m giving myself the next two weeks, until April 1st, to finish a really rough (like incredibly rough) first draft of DSB. 

I’m putting it out here on my site because having other folks know about it will make it more of a deadline for me and I do well with deadlines. I don’t know if I can actually do this but I plan to do my best.

Should I mention that the draft is only at 2k words right now? Maybe not.

I can do this. Beyonce is always telling us we can do whatever we want, I’m clinging to that.

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