I’m back baby!


The website is back up and everything! Yay!

So a few big things have happened since the website went down.

First of all my book The Root was made the 2017 Rainbow List Top Ten which is decided by the American Library Association! Which is such an honor and feels pretty amazing!

Second of all my short piece “Culture House” which was originally published in Eleven Eleven was selected by Amy Hempel for inclusion in The Best Small Fictions 2017. So look for that it should be out this September.

Me right now:


In not so great news my second book, The Tree, sequel to The Root was delayed because I was late with the manuscript. It’s in and going through edits now but the release has been pushed back to January 2018. I’m very sorry about that but I hope it’ll be worth it in the end. I’m proud of The Tree and I think it’s even better than The Root and moves the story forward in a great way.  I’m sure there are things that could be improved because I’m not perfect and never will be but I think my writing has definitely grown since the first book. A silver lining to this news is that the final book in the trilogy The Fruit is still on track for June 2018 so the gap between books two and three should only be six months or so.  For a little bit of sorry I’ll just tease that the opening scene in The Fruit is someone walking on water and it only gets more trippy and fabulous from there.

I think that’s all for now but look for this space to start popping up with more posts – thoughts on writing, plot & story, pop culture shit. All the same kind of stuff you get when you follow me on twitter @Naamenism (which you should do by the way.)

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Queer and/or Poly Paranormal Romance Reccomendations

So I made a twitter call for some reading material recommendations and I decided to compile a list here so I didn’t lose any. Keep in mind I have read none of these yet so these don’t constitute recs I’m making but a resource list. Most descriptions included are those I received. Also I’m only including the recommendations that center queer folks & their relationships, there were a few suggestions that were of series that had queer characters but the focus was not on a queer MC or queer relationship. Some sounded great but I’ve left them off this list.

Dark Ink Tattoo Series by Cassie Alexander
Bisexual female-identified protagonist
(I have read Cassie’s other series the Edie Spence novels and enjoyed those.)

Good Enough To Eat (the Vampire Diet Series Book #1) by Alison Grey & Jae
lesbian vampire romcom

To Summon Nightmares by J.K. Pendragon
m/m romance murder mystery with a trans lead

Poison Kiss (Earthside Book 1) by Ana Mardoll
m/f/f poly triad with faeries and past trauma (really can’t wait to read this one!)

The Kate Kane Series by Alexis Hall
f/f paranormal investigator series set in London (also can’t wait to read these!)

The Charm of Magpies series by KJ Charles
m/m paranormal romance (super excited because #1 I love alt-history & #2 there are POC in this series! I love historical fiction but the lack or problematic representation of POC always bothers me)

The Whybourne and Griffin series by Jordan L Hawk
another m/m paranormal romance alt-history and this one is several books deep

The Better To Kiss You With by Michelle Osgood
f/f romance with a werewolf online RPG (and potentially real werewolves, maybe?)

Spellbound by Marcus Atley
m/m (incubus & elf to be exact) second world detective novel

The Tooth & Claw series by L.A. Witt
m/m/m (werewolf/vampire/vampire) paranormal romance

Rule of Three  by Lore Graham
m/m/m I read this one a while back and remember enjoying it.

The Dance with the Devil series by Megan Derr
various m/m and poly pairings. Have read Derr before and really liked it.

Los Nefilim by T. Frohock
m/m romance and war between angels and daimons in 1931 Spain (yeeeeesss!)

Sharing a Pond by Alex Whitehall
m/m/m with trans character and FROG SHIFTERS! (I am extremely tickled by this despite the fact that I hate most nature)

The Possession of Eugene Lawrence Davis by E.E. Ottoman
m/m romance with demon possession

Scale-Bright by Benjanun Sriduangkaew
queer relationships with gods and magic in Hong Kong

Graphic Novels

The Other Side: An Anthology of Queer Paranormal Romance
(I really wish there was a wholesale option for this because I’d love to bring it into the bookstore I work at)

Short Stories

The Psychometry of Snow by Nathan Burgoine
m/m romance with psychicness

Further Arguments in Support of Yudah Cohen’s Proposal to Bluma Zilberman by Rebecca Fraimow
trans m/f romance with werewolves

The Cage by A.M. Dellamonica
Lesbians and werewolves! This short I have read before and I love it.

Thank you to @effies, @ShiraGlassman, @neverwhere, @charlieinabook, @gowritealready, @meganaderr, @dylanNDREdwards, @asymbina for the recommendations!