All My Shipwreck Fanfiction – Links

So at a recent at Strut called Black Love that I co-hosted (P.S. – It was fucking amazing!) my participating in Shipwreck – The Literary Erotic Fanfiction Copmpetition and where they could ready my stories. They are all on Shipwreck SF’s tumblr but for easiness I tracked down all the links for y’all.

the giver

My very first Shipwreck was in August 2014 & it was The Giver and my prompt was:
The Pills – which for those who don’t know are the pills that are given to everyone to stop the stirrings, i.e. sexual desire a.k.a. horniness. Warnings for sex & bad choices.

Part 1 & Part 2


Then in January 2015 it was Twilight and my prompt was The Baseball Game which meant I had to read practically the whole book. It was a lot, I drank a lot of whiskey & tweeted it.
Warnings for sexytimes & the outdoors &…puppet sex

Brought To You By The Letter…


Finally in October 2015 I was invited to write for one of my favorite King stories: Carrie. My prompt was her mother Margaret White & I went for something more topical & political this time.
Warnings for sex, strap-ons & Kim Davis

Margaret White: Sword of God