The Root – Update!

Realize I’ve been really bad about updating my website and especially with a new book out that’s just stupid. So here’s a quick post about press stuff & reviews for my first debut novel – The Root!

More news soon plus longer posts I’ve been planning (but not working on, oops) for far too long.

Remember if you like The Root give it a review somewhere. If you don’t talk about it, no one knows and then my dream dies and then I cry and when I weep so does baby jesus. Do you want to make baby jesus cry? I didn’t think so.

Also have a new Contact Page for folks to get in touch with me, you know if you don’t have my email or phone number. Also apologies for anyone who used it right away, your message may be lost forever. So think of it as a sacrifice for the internet gods and send my another one!

Also for a more regular updates on me? Check me out on Twitter @Naamenism where I’m more active, some would say too active.